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☀ Ymir
Canon: Attack on Titan {manga}

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☀ [name] Blaine Frost
☀ [age] Eighteen as of February 2014
☀ [occupation] High school because she has to, works as a bouncer under the name of Jo{anna Tunheim} unemployed
☀ [residence] a supervised living group with six other teenagers and regular visits from a social worker. She is now living with Julien Sakazaki since the first half of December, as she would have had to move because of being kicked out of the living group by her 18th birthday in February, anyway. And flats are expensive, and living with non-numbers is risky when you have the feeling that you might pulse back things that turn you into a monster eventually... She has her own room and their schedules don't quite mesh, though they frequently eat the warm meal of the day together. Chloe's stables.
☀ [reincarnated history]
The thing with Blaine's parents is that there isn't much. If asked (and willing to answer), she'd probably say something along the lines of biology requiring parents for people to be there. It's not that they abused her, at least not physically. It's more that they didn't care much that she existed. They both had to work full time in physically strenuous low-income jobs to support the family and coming home they had no energy left for playing with their child and took to the TV instead – if they even got home before the girl went to bed.

Blaine, in turn, took to the streets. Spending time in the small and stifling flat that the family had was just not appealing, and the first time that she tried running away happened at age 8. She came back two days later and learned that her parents hadn't even noticed that she was gone, assuming that she was already asleep when they returned home. Blaine started to stay away for a day or sometimes two days but would still always come back when she ran out of resources, shit happened or she simply felt comfortable with coming back again. But when she was twelve, she ran away from home for good and after a month reached Locke City, where she has stayed up to this point. She doesn't know how long it took her parents to notice, and she doesn't care. When authorities finally got a hold of her three years later, she refused to return to them. So she ended up in the child care system. Having survived on the streets alone for that long, she had a hard time getting used to a more regular schedule – and really, why should she? She had missed too much of school to get a high school diploma before coming of age and being kicked out of the child care system, so there was no point in going to school. She was used to being her own boss, she knew she was able to survive alone, why should she let someone lord over her? The real problem was, that without an aim, she had no reason to snap out of survival mode, no reason to want to think further than the next day. Not like anyone would have truly cared beyond bettering their statistics. And up to this point she hasn't found anything to set her eyes on.

Currently, she is living in a supervised living group with six other teens and regular visits from a social worker, goes to school enough to not get into trouble and spends most of her time either working out or working as a bouncer under the name Jo(anna Tunheim) – a fake ID and the network that she built in the shadier parts of the city over the years allow her to pretend to be older and take on jobs that work their way past social securities numbers quite smoothly.

In-game developments:
→ After almost entirely considering the network entertainment for a while, she started to realize that she needed to make friends get people into positions where they would feel obligated to help her, should her echoes put her out of work. Two major things lead to this: On the one hand encounters with Anthony, Ryan and others who had issues with physical changes. On the other hand her pulsing back minor healing abilities, which replaced bleeding with letting off steam. She had tried to do her usual thing before, be helpful when it cost her nothing to maybe get a favour in return at some point, but now she is actually getting herself involved a bit. The first obvious consequence was her participation in the underground expedition, though she also joined in the faint hope that they might find information on how to control receiving echoes. Since then, she has found herself to have become awfully helpful, a feeling that is countered with putting more emphasis on trolling people when she isn't cannot or doesn't want to say/do something useful.
→ Which means that, yes, she is still trolling people on the network when she has time to kill during her many long commutes.
→ She has been kind of making ...not friends. But she has been forming tentative ties to a few characters, either because she considers them surprisingly reasonable (Kaworu comes to mind) or potentially useful (for example Anthony or because they mean some kind of reliable stability (Julien and Holloway, more or less)
→ Some reluctant bonding activities with a couple of NPC children have been happening for more than a year now. Chinen Shou was responsible for having given them bad ideas on Halloween, which in January lead to them getting themselves into trouble in the sewer system/dead district. Despite herself, Blaine organized a rescue group - clearly only because she'd get in trouble if they vanished and that was brought into connection with her (which is unlikely), not because she felt responsible.
→ An encounter with Chloe convinced her that she is most likely not from the 3DMG/giants world. This was rendered naught when in early December she remembered that she had eaten one of Bertholdt's friends, which sent her into hiding her face and voice and irl presence from all Shingeki characters while still stalking them. This changed when, while rescuing some NPC children, she regained her 3DGM gear in a very flashy fashion.
→ For the first time in her life, she actively killed a living being larger than a mosquito - Angela (that the werewolf isn't dead is something that she will learn eventually). She didn't want to kill anyone, but figured that it was her only chance to escape being arrested, and who knew what would happen then, with what she heard and read about Alan/Tavia/apparently vanished people on the network and also her life motto of "don't get on the criminal records for anything" thrumming in her head. Couple that with the fight situation, adrenaline and a they-we schema and needing to make quick decisions... She didn't even know what the person looked like, besides wearing an uniform, her perception was that narrowed down at that point. She doesn't regret her choice, and knows she would make it again, but that does not mean that she liked killing someone, she wouldn't have if it didn't seem necessary to her, and has consequences. On the outside, she got off with a warning to never again cause trouble or Angela would tell the network what she did... on the inside, it is something that she still hasn't properly dealt with, so it is bound to crop up again eventually.

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